The Organic Week NZ Awards are back! We received a total of 32 nominations across all categories, and now we're asking the public to vote for their favourites. Set to celebrate the very best of the sector working hard to offer you products as they should be. Help us to shout the very best of organics from the rooftops by voting today!  Voting closes on Monday 6th May, so be sure to cast your vote to avoid any disappointment.

Organic Brand

Brands that go above and beyond, working towards maintaining a clean, green New Zealand through their dedication to the environment. 

Organic Eatery

Cafes and Restaurants across the country are there to provide you with delicious meals to explode your taste buds. It is an added bonus for those that are able to offer organic produce on the menu to make the meal just that bit better.

Organic Farmer

Organic farming requires innovation, dedication and a deep love for the land. So much choice is available to you because of these amazing people working hard to bring you products as they should be.

Organic Product

There are thousands of organic products now available to you, as brands continue to diversify their products even further to stand out on the shelves.

Organic Retailer

Shopping can become a confusing task when you're bombarded with so much choice. Retailers that are dedicated to providing you fresh organic produce ensure that you can be confident what you are purchasing.