ViBERi Organic

Who we are 

Since 2011, husband and wife owners, Tony and Afsaneh Howey, have been producing their ViBERi range: 100% organic, artisan, super-foods, created from their finest, freshly picked New Zealand blackcurrants. 

Located in South Canterbury’s Pleasant Point, ViBERi is the largest certified-organic blackcurrant orchard in New Zealand, producing on average around 250 tonnes per year.

How we started 

Fifteen years ago we bought a blackcurrant farm and were blown away by all the health benefits that many research papers were showing. Hand in hand with this was the desire of the industry to minimize chemical use to produce fruit with little or no chemical residues. 

Since then, the research into New Zealand blackcurrants has been astounding showing performance benefits in endurance athletes, natural high level of cyclic Glycine-Proline (cGP) - a key brain nutrient for brain health and high levels of antioxidants called 'anthocyanins' that help boost circulation, are an anti-inflammatory and support the metabolism by increasing fat loss by up to a third during moderate-intensity exercise - and that's just to name a few!

Our commitment to organics 

People that are concerned with health and wellbeing are also very concerned about the environment and that what they ingest is pure. With this in mind we decided to convert our blackcurrant operation to organic. Now all our fruit is certified Biogro organic and the only large scale organic blackcurrant property in New Zealand.

To keep on top of weeds we run 600 sheep over the property outside of harvest times. Being organic does have some impact on yield but we believe the quality of product and environmental impact greatly outweighs this.

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