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Who we are 

The Darling Wines produces premium organic wines that have texture and depth and are suitable on any occasion. 

They work with their organic growers to produce wines from Marlborough that not only show where they are from but are delicious.

Owners Chris Darling and Bart Arnst have a combined wine industry experience spanning 50 years which helps them to make their organic wines and take them to the world.

How we started 

The Darling Wines is made up of Chris Darling and Bart Arnst, who teamed up in 2007. After making great wine for other people they decided to make great wine for themselves. Organics was the obvious choice, with Bart being one of the leading organic vineyard consultants of New Zealand and Chris with his international winemaking experience.


They source grapes solely from organic vineyards and are able to have full control over the process.

The goal of making premium wine brought Chris and Bart together. Their passion for organics makes sure that happens.

Our commitment to organics 

Organics has always been our conversation. When Bart returned to New Zealand from European travels he trained in viticulture and in 1996 began experimenting with organic techniques. This led to groundbreaking research with Lincoln University on the use of Buckwheat as a planting to attract beneficial insect life and provide natural pest controls which is now widely practiced throughout the wine industry.

Bart was then converting vineyards in Marlborough to organics as it was the obvious way forward. He now also consults to those interested in organic change and has worked closely with a large percentage of the New Zealand organic winegrower sector.

He is a founding member of Organic Winegrowers of New Zealand (OWNZ), has been on its executive committee since its inception, has been instrumental in “spreading” the organic message including as programme coordinator of the hugely successful bi-annual Organic and Biodynamic Wine Conferences. 

Bart has also been the vineyard-consultant with OANZ (Organics Aotearoa New Zealand) and uses his broad experience in grapes under organic and biodynamic regimes to help NZ Organics thrive.