Plantier Developments NZ Ltd

Who we are 

Plantae Certified Organic Skincare

How we started 

Having used Plantae myself as a consumer I simply fell in love with the results I noticed it was having on my skin. I had already, personally started taking part in the organic movement to nurture ourselves and our environment and was taking better care of my health and body both inside and out. I became hooked on the products, and was passionate about the quality of them and the philosophy of the brand and it’s organic ingredients. I invested in the company nearly 4 years ago and then two years ago when the CEO role became available, I jumped at the opportunity to become fully involved and drive the company that I had already become so passionate about as a consumer.

Our commitment to organics 

Plantae Certified Organic Skincare is New Zealand’s purest skincare range. That means we hold ourselves and our skincare to the highest independent organic industry standard - biogro. This ensures that every product in our range contains at least 95% (or more) organic ingredients. Our skincare range though exceeds the biogro minimum standard and is entirely 95% or greater organic– we are the only New Zealand skincare manufacturer who has every single product certified at this high level. This is a tremendous corporate commitment to our customers and our environment which is not seen at this level elsewhere.