New World Miramar

Who we are 

New World Miramar is a locally owned supermarket stocking a range of fresh organic produce and organic products. The store is an important part of the local community.

How we started 

The team at New World Miramar have always strived to provide a range of quality organic options throughout the store. Within the produce department, we began with a small selection of organic fruits and vegetables, this has grown into a large dedicated space in the department which we are continuously expanding and developing as supply and demand also grow. Shoppers will also find hundreds of organic grocery items throughout the store.


We’re excited to work with organic producers and customers to continue to offer great organic products. During Organic Week NZ we will be highlighting these items across the store.

Our commitment to organics 

We are committed to working with organic growers, suppliers and our customers to expand our organic produce offering and supply customers with fresh healthy organic produce.


We have close relationships with both organic suppliers and customers. These relationships provide valuable feedback and support as we expand organics within the store.


It’s clear that customers shopping for organic produce and products love to share their passion, enthusiasm and knowledge about organics. Our open communication and feedback channels help us develop our organics alongside our customers which is extremely important to us.