Kōkako Organic Coffee Roasters

Who we are 

Our team have roasted exceptional Fairtrade Organic coffee in Auckland since our inception in 2001. From our roastery in Mt Eden we supply coffee and drinking chocolate to over 80 cafes across the country and pride ourselves on our commitment to continually bettering how our business supports this earth and its people. One way we do this is by packaging all our beans and drinking chocolate in NZ made home-compost friendly packaging material.

Quality is paramount to us. We work with cooperatives and traders to source green coffee from Fairtrade organic farms across the world and our team are constantly looking for new and interesting flavour profiles that produce a well-rounded cup. For the past 4 years, we have travelled to Papua New Guinea to visit Highlands Organic Agriculture Cooperative (HOAC); the HOAC farmers beans make up the largest portion of our popular house blend - Aotea.

How we started 

Kōkako began as a small coffee cart in Auckland's Aotea Square. Its founders, Helen & Christian, were committed to solely roasting organic coffee and were the first in Auckland to do so. The business' name was inspired by the release of the first eight kōkako birds on Auckland's island wildlife sanctuary, Tiritiri Matangi, and the name of our long-standing 'house blend' Aotea comes from those early days in the square. In 2007 current owner and Managing Director Mike Murphy acquired the business and ensured the Fairtrade and organic beans we were roasting were fully certified by robust external certification bodies, Fairtrade and Biogro Organic, by 2009.

Our commitment to organics 

As a pioneer in organic coffee since 2001 our aim is to promote the mainstreaming of high-quality organic coffee. This is reinforced by our belief that the products we consume should be natural, good for us, and promote and protect the integrity of the environment in which they are grown. We believe in supporting the farmers and their families by not only paying them fairly for their hard work but also remunerating them for their guardianship of the soil system they support – healthy soil, healthy food and healthy people is a mantra that we live by. These farmers often feed their families from this same soil so we're proud to know they can do so without the possibilities of long term health issues for exposure to agrochemicals.