Who we are 

At Huckleberry, you'll find an abundance of organic and natural wholefoods, body care, baby care and home care.

Huckleberry stores are filled with organic local produce, a huge selection of groceries, specialty foods, top quality supplements and sustainable lifestyle products. 

At our largest stores you'll find organic and natural food hubs for fair trade coffee and healthy on-the-go meals as well as a naturopathic dispensary with free consultations from a qualified naturopath.

It's your one stop shop for better food and living.

How we started 

The first Huckleberry Farms store opened in Greenlane, Auckland in the early 1990s. We rebranded as Huckleberry in 2015, and today we’re proud to have 8 stores throughout the North Island – and growing!

People have always been at the heart of the Huckleberry dream:
We dreamt about making organic and natural wholefoods accessible to everyone in New Zealand, by giving them a shopping experience they could trust, at prices they could afford. Thanks to a great bunch of passionate people with shared ideas, beliefs and enthusiasm, we’re proud to have built our family business around bringing that dream to life.

Whether related or not, we count everyone who works with us as a member of the Huckleberry family, we all get stuck in and work together. Anyone can talk to the boss, and many of us have been bending his ear for over a decade now!

It’s as one happy Huckleberry family that we’ll carry on working, and living the dream of feeding ourselves, our families and the people of New Zealand with food that is better for us, and the planet.

Our commitment to organics 

At Huckleberry we don’t believe that choosing ‘organic’ is just about choosing to eat better quality food. 

We think it’s a bit bigger than that. We think that choosing organic is about making positive, healthful and sustainable lifestyle choices that are better for ourselves, our families and the planet.

Organic is about offering communities throughout New Zealand produce grown as it should be; in good, clean soil, washed by the rain and delivered fresh. It’s about providing wholesome groceries that are minimally processed and made with top quality ingredients.

It’s about the peace of mind we get from knowing where all of our products come from, and the pride we take in knowing that the relationships we have fostered with our suppli-ers supports local businesses and organic farming communities nationwide.

For us, organic is about bringing your own pots and tubs to fill with the very best whole foods and making nutritious meals accessible to all. It’s about recyclable, brown paper bags, and canvas totes that come with notes: WHEN LIFE GIVES YOU LEMONS ASK IF THEY’RE ORGANIC!

It’s about offering the expertise of qualified Naturopaths in store and bringing healthy eateries to our biggest. It’s about doing our bit to bring simplicity, unpretentiousness and generosity to your pursuit of wellness.

At Huckleberry, organic is about providing the better food and lifestyle choices you’ve been looking for.

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