Heather's Feijoas

Who we are 

We are a locally owned and operated company in the Hawkes Bay. Our office is on the same land where the Feijoas grow. We are Biogro Certified Organic.

How we started 

Heather Smith, founder of Heather's Feijoas, has a Bachelor of Science in Biology from the University of Vermont. She started her journey with feijoas in New Zealand in 1998, planting her first Feijoa trees. Now she is introducing Feijoas to people around the world and has an array of feiijoa products on offer at the local farmers market or online

Our commitment to organics 

Heather is very passionate about our planet. She sees herself as custodian of the land. Among organics she is interested in and has implemented biodynamics and conservation at Tauroa farm. She has a big beautiful garden and orchard that supports the people who live here. She is constantly thinking of new ideas to reduce her carbon foot print and reduce the impact on the planet and recycle.