Harbour Co-op

Who we are 

We are a wholefoods and organics co-operative in Lyttelton, Banks Peninsula.

How we started 

We started out as LyttelPiko and then the earthquakes struck. The community rallied together and the idea of a co-operative was mooted and came to fruition... and we became Harbour Co-op! We supply a wide range of organic and wholefoods, local produce and a selection of green household wares.

Our commitment to organics 

The Harbour Co-op community is committed to supporting organic farmers and producers and our customers understand the importance of eating real food that hasn't been tampered with and that supports healthy soil and healthy ecosystems.


We understand the grave environmental consequences of agribusiness and want to be able to give our community the opportunity to support small scale organic farmers and producers for a healthy mind, body and planet.

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