Who we are 

Our organic farmers are passionate about the benefits organic farming gives to the health and sustainability of the farm ecosystem, and how this translates into the health of their cows and the milk they produce.  


Fonterra’s organic farms play an important part of our Co-operative, recognising not only the efforts our farmers go to, to produce healthy sustainable dairy but also the benefits it delivers to the wider Co-operative including contributing to sustainability and enabling us to support our customers’ desire for healthy, sustainable, organic products for their consumers to enjoy.

Today we have over 100 farms in our organic program located throughout the North Island. We produce a wide range of ingredients and consumer products from our organic milk, which are exported around the world. Here in New Zealand, you can find our organic milk on retail shelves as Anchor Organic Blue Milk and Mainland Organic Cheddar Cheese.


In the video below, you'll hear from Adrian, one of our Fonterra Organic farmers, and find out why organic farming is important to him.

How we started 

Fonterra’s organic milk program was established in 2001 to meet the growing demand for organic dairy, particularly in the United Kingdom and Europe. We already had farmers in the Co-operative farming organically, and others interested in converting. This led to the establishment of Fonterra Organic. Since then we have grown to over 90 million litres of milk per year which is the equivalent of more than 20 million blocks of Anchor 500g organic cheddar.

Our organic suppliers are paid a premium for their organic milk in recognition of their extra effort, and the premium returns for their product.  In 2016 our farmers voted to implement an Independent Organic Milk Price which is derived from the value we receive for our organic products around the world, and ensures the returns our organic farmers receive truly reflects the value we can get for their milk.  

Our commitment to organics 

Organics is an important part of our sustainability journey and value add portfolio within our Co-operative.  We are committed to delivering a sustainable and profitable organic program for our farmer shareholders, as we continue converting more farms to organic to support customer demand and as a means to contribute to our wider sustainability goals. 


Building on our sustainability commitments, we recently added carbon zero certification to a number of our products including Anchor Organic Milk, and we are in the final stages of certifying our carbon footprint across our wider organic ingredients portfolio.