Ever Kind

Who we are 

EverKind is a premium range of NZ made, certified organic body care products. Three principles guide everything we do - body kind, people kind and planet kind. As individuals, it's hard to bring change, but when we join together the barriers come down. At EverKind we believe it's time for a #kindrevolution in body care!

How we started 

Amanda-Jane Healy created EverKind in response to her own personal health journey. When she was pregnant she became more aware of the need for care in what she was putting in and on her body.


Then with dreams of pet lambs, homegrown vegetables and free-range children, her little family moved to the country. What she didn't anticipate was the gigantic spray tractor of her market-garden neighbour. It visited so frequently her daughter's first word was 'bayer'. Health problems followed and Amanda-Jane grew in her resolve to find a better way. 

In 2015 Amanda-Jane launched Free Range Deodorant, the winner of Organic Week Product of the Year 2018. Late last year she rebranded to EverKind and expanded the range of daily essentials.

Our commitment to organics 

At EverKind we believe #slowliving is the future. Slow being an acronym for sustainable, local, organic and whole.


If products cannot be produced without harming people or the planet then they are just not sustainable. We are certified organic because we hate green-washing. Thinking something is natural and safe only to find out later that it wasn't. Being certified ensures transparency and accountability of us and our entire supply chain.


Better for your body and better for everybody.

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