Discover Organics 

Organic Week Aotearoa NZ has been set up by a collaboration of leading organisations within the organic sector that are at the forefront of organics.

Worldwide, organic is on the rise and this is no different in New Zealand. The nation is becoming more consciously aware of what we put into and onto our bodies. For one week every year, we aim to bind together the sector for a week-long campaign that will celebrate, educate and help kiwis really understand what organic is and what is available across the nation.

Our organic stories

New Zealand is enriched with organic growers, producers and retailers providing products as they should be.

Delve into their stories and find out why they are so great for the nation.


Produce products without animal testing, genetic modifications and pesticides in ethical working conditions


Ensure we know what's in our food, from farm to fork. The packaging must seek to be the most concious option. 

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Provide us with organic goodness online and in-store across NZ. Certifications assure shoppers about organics.


  • To raise awareness across New Zealand for certified organic farmers, producers and manufacturers.
  • Understand the connection between organic as a practice and the infinite benefits it holds.
  • Educate New Zealand on what it means to be certified organic, the rigorous process it takes to be organic, and why you can trust a certification label. 
  • Capture government attention in the need for national regulation, alongside the national positive effects of organic practice.
  • Recognise certified organic farmers, producers and manufacturers for their challenging work and commitment to organics
  • Mainstreaming organics as a key to sustainability and climate change

Impacts so far

In 29 April - 5 May 2019 we held our second week-long celebration in New Zealand, here is what was on offer

100+ organisations on board

79 events 

33 award nominations

2,700 award votes

2.8 million media reach 

1.3 million social reach