Seleno Health

Who we are 

Sally is an industrial engineer with 13 years working in a financial institution in Peru, Corin has a PhD in medicinal chemistry with 15 years of academic and research experience. We met in Peru and after living together we inspired each other to leave our corporate jobs to pursue our own social enterprise - Seleno Health. 


As part of our mission, we want to educate New Zealanders about the incredible culture behind Peru and Peruvian Maca.


We run workshops all around the country during which we share the story of the community in Peru, the correct way to consume Maca, the science behind it and how to best use it to manage different health conditions. It is about connecting kiwis directly to their organic farm in Peru and sharing their culture and history with them

How we started 

Sally grew up consuming Maca as a child, learning from her mother and grandmother the importance of maca and its links to her culture. Sally considers maca to be a symbol of her roots as a Peruvian and Incan ancestor, it is her connection to Pachamama (mother earth) and her way to good health and well-being.

She shared the story of maca with Corin during his recovery from chronic fatigue after they met. For him, maca was a big part of his rebuilding and became part of his life and ongoing good health. As a scientist, he wanted to learn more about the biochemical secrets behind its benefits. So together we established Seleno Health as a blend of our experiences and strengths to help others both in Peru and here in New Zealand.

Our model is also about educating kiwis on how to consume maca, how to use it to treat different conditions based on tradition and scientific substantiation of traditional claims. Their vision is all about sustainability; sustainability of the history of maca, organic farming, the story, the culture, the science and the health benefits.

Our commitment to organics 

At Seleno Health we believe it is up to us as conscious consumers, suppliers and retailers to protect the heritage, culture and history behind maca and to create an ethical and sustainable way to produce it that benefits all involved. So we empowered our farmer by allowing him to create an end-product that we would distribute directly into the New Zealand market.


We have a direct partnership with our farm, farmer and community and are committed to offering protection from exploitation and environmental damage. As a company, we have taken many steps to ensure the long-term survival and prosperity of our farm and farmer so we can continue to share the wonders of organic maca, culture, history and health benefits with the world.


If we all benefit from the rich agricultural resources supplied by our farmer then so should they.