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As New Zealand's organic sector grows and evolves, we want you to be part of our annual celebration!

Whether you're an organic retailer, producer or farm, school or restaurant we encourage all of you you to join us.
Embark on our annual journey to educate Kiwis about the benefits of organics and where it's through events, activations and so much more! If you would like some inspiration, keep on scrolling!

What you can do

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Farmers & Growers
  • Open your gates to the community and host guided tours

  • Share your knowledge of organic practices and host an organic workshop (canning for example) 

  • Invite local schools or communities and provide a teaching experience using your expertise

  •  Team up with other organic producers, retailers, manufacturers or farmers in your area to combine efforts and form an event

Chefs & Restauraunts
  • Create an exclusive organic week menu using organic products from your local area

  • Source organic beverages, including fizzys, wine and beer

  • Create an organic cooking demonstration to show your customers what products you use and why you choose organic

  • Special promotions on the menu for organic options

  • Provide special offers and promotions for certified organic produce within stores

  • Divert customers to certified organic products. Ensure eligible signs are available to direct consumers to the products.

  • Offer tastings and trials of products within store, providing an educative display so your customers can interact with growers and producers.

  • Open your doors to the community and host an organic picnic or BBQ 

Schools & Communities
  • Invite a farmer or grower in the community to share their knowledge of organic growing and why it's beneficial

  • Host and organic breakfast or picnic, inviting along the whole community in your area. Share stories and eat great food.

  • Have an excursion to an organic farm or garden to really introduce the children or community group to organic growing.

  • Sprout seeds and see how your produce grows organically

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Impacts so far

  • In 2019 we had x amount of people involved and collectives running in Auckland and Wellington.
  • 100+ organisations on board

  • 79 events 

  • 33 award nominations

  • 2,700 award votes

  • 2.8 million media reach 

  • 1.3 million social reach

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