Who we are 

Commonsense is a family business based on three key values - organic food, environmental sustainability and fair trade.  People want to buy things that are good for them and good for the earth and they want retailers to be authentic and trustworthy.  Our customers trust us to tell them the truth and to sell them safe food and environmentally-friendly products.

How we started 

The seed for Commonsense was sown in 1975. Jim Kebbell and Marion Wood (and a bunch of other hippie dreamers) bought some land in Te Horo and named it Common Property.  The idea was to grow vegetables as a way to connect young and marginalised people with the land. Marion’s mother insisted that the land was to be farmed organically.


Skip a couple of decades and Commonsense now has 6 stores and the next generation has taken over – CEO Anna Pitches leads a team of managers and staff.  But the values remain the same – to connect people with shopping they can trust in order to create a kinder more ethical future for all. And the connection with Common Property is as strong as ever.

Our commitment to organics 

Organic farming is about living in balance: growing delicious, nutritious food in a way that sustains — and restores — the health of the land and waterways. This means building up the soil so we replace what was taken – it’s the primal example of the circular economy.


Organic farming increases resilience to the effects of climate change – by retaining carbon in the soil and by producing less nitrous oxide than most conventional farms - and in drought area's there is some evidence that organic farms have higher yields because the soils have higher water holding capacity.


Our customers and our staff want to be part of the solution to the environmental issues the planet is currently facing and we firmly believe that growing and eating organic food is part of the solution.