Ceres Organics

Who we are 

Ceres Organics is a New Zealand company a little bit obsessed with enabling organics to be a part of everyday life for everyone.


We have over 300 certified organic products on the books and have established a number of programmes to give back to our beautiful planet and its people. Our team goes against the grain to source products from the most ethical suppliers. For example, a few years ago we spearheaded action to diversify the world’s organic almond supply away from reliance on drought-stricken Californian almond growers, supporting Chilean almond farmers to transition their land to organic through an ongoing partnership. We have also been working in partnership with our quinoa supplier from Peru for over 15 years, helping communities to be self-sustaining through quinoa production. We’re all about initiatives like these, that help create jobs and income in organics for farmers, and provide peripheral benefits to the communities in these regions. 


From our growers to directors’ people are paid fairly and treated as an indispensable part of the team. We have very strong partnerships with our stakeholders and work with them collaboratively each season. Our growers don’t have to deal with nasty chemicals, making for safer working environments, and we support fair working conditions and prices. Ceres Organics is a merchant that ensures both farmers and consumers are receiving a fair deal, helping to create an upward spiral of prosperity for everyone.


Our ingredients push sustainability one step further, into regeneration. We utilise local and renewable resources, growing things where they naturally grow best. This helps to protect the health of our soil and ecosystems by working in harmony with nature and focusing on soil fertility as the foundation of a healthy crop. Organic agriculture can even sequester carbon back into soil. It’s a stark contrast to conventional agriculture, which focuses on boosting plant growth, with the use of synthetic chemicals that degrade the quality of our soil, our waterways, and the air we breathe – all chasing short-term profits. So not cool.


Never genetically modified, you’ll only taste realness. No artificial chemicals enter the food chain at any stage of the journey. You’ll recognise every ingredient on pack and your body will thank you for it.  Every nut, seed, and superfood is traceable from planting to purchase… and even to plate via the beauty of Instagram!  

Organics is a pretty great way to help save the world - we think so anyway. And we won’t rest until we’ve enabled organics to be a part of everyday life for everyone.

How we started 

Once upon an early 1980s time, Juliet Lamont was on a mission to bring her kids up on nutrient-rich organic food. But it must have been buried beneath all that amazing fashion, because she had a tough time finding it. So, Juliet ran a stand at a school fair to find others on the same path, which led to the start of a co-op with local organic farmers. Nurturing the planet and its people required help, so Juliet was joined by a group of friends with a shared vision to heal the world, and including Noel and Rodnie, who are still at the helm today. This led to the opening our Ceres Wholefoods store in Ellerslie a few years later, and by 2001 Ceres Organics became the first BioGro certified organic distributor in New Zealand.


The original vision of our founders continues to guide the company in making the best decisions possible for our planet and its people.

Our commitment to organics 

To us the future is organic. We think it’s a key driver to help the world’s economic, ecological and social problems.  


Ceres Organics has been independently certified organic with BioGro for over 17 years. It’s been hugely important to us because we go to a lot of effort sourcing the best organic ingredients, and being certified means you can trace every product right back to the farm it came from. We want to give our consumers the assurance that our products have been independently verified to back up our claims, especially since organics has been unregulated in NZ. Our role as a leader in sourcing and introducing organic products, comes with the responsibility that each ingredient originates from a sustainable, ecologically friendly and socially responsible source.


By choosing organic we bring healing to the earth and humankind and contribute to a better future for everyone.

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