Bread & Butter

Who we are 

Bread & Butter Bakery specialises in organic sourdough, European loaves, bread rolls, handmade pastries, cakes, and savouries. All the breads are organic and everything is handmade from scratch without the use of the otherwise common artificial additives and chemical conditioners used in the baking industry.


You can find Bread & Butter stores in three locations within Auckland as well as at three farmers markets on weekends. Our bread can also be purchased from a number of organic stores and retailers.

How we started 

Bread & Butter Bakery was started in 2013 by Isabel Pasch with the help of many other enthusiastic bakery and café lovers.


Isabel is a trained scientist and science journalist, but when she moved to New Zealand with her Kiwi family she was desperate for good organic sourdough bread and couldn’t find it anywhere. So she started her own small bakery first, which became Bread & Butter Bakery later.


“I already had an interest in organic food production, since my sister is an organic farmer. But when I realised the state of bread in New Zealand and the huge number of people, who attributed the effects of poor dietary choices purely to gluten and therefore started avoiding all bread, I got really passionate about providing a better product and educating people on the difference between ‘real bread’ and ‘white fluff’”, Isabel explains.

Our commitment to organics 

Bread & Butter Bakery believes that bread should be a valuable addition to any meal and should, therefore, be as good and healthy as possible. This is why only certified organic ingredients are used in the production of the bread. Most bread is made with sourdoughs starters and long fermentation times in order to give them better flavour, texture, and digestibility. This is the way bread has been made for thousands of years and the way it should still be made.


Bread & Butter Bakery also makes a range of pastries, cakes and savouries, which however are not completely organic. Trying to include more organic products, when available and affordable is a priority, but Bread & Butter realizes that availability of organics, especially the more complex ingredients used in pastry making can be difficult in New Zealand and therefore believes that an open approach that allows businesses to include organics, where they can, while making a commitment to not using artificial additives in food should allow more hospitality businesses to include organics into their menus. Transparency about food practices and ingredients is a key component of this approach.



Bread & Butter Bakery runs semi-regular sourdough baking classes and the staff at the shops and markets are always happy to have a chat about the products, how they are made and why they are better for your health than your average supermarket loaf.


During Organic Week 2019 Bread & Butter Bakery will open their bakery to the public so people can have a look behind the scenes.