Who we are 

AsureQuality offers the broadest range of food assurance services in Aotearoa. We are unique in New Zealand with our end-to-end focus on the food supply chain through a combination of auditing, inspection, farm assurance, training, assurance mark traceability, diagnostics, and laboratory testing, with an extensive range of domestic and international accreditations and approvals.

As a New Zealand Government-owned entity, we offer independence of the highest integrity, supporting our food producers as they work hard to uphold what Aotearoa stands for in food – a higher standard of quality and safety.

How we started

We have a long history with over 100 years’ experience working with Aotearoa’s food and primary production sectors. Our journey began way back in 1875 as part of the Department of Crown Lands, which in 1892 became the Department of Agriculture.


Services were then split across two state-owned enterprises, AgriQuality and ASURE, which eventually merged in 2007 to become AsureQuality.


We began delivering organic audits for our customers back in the mid-1990s and in response to the fast-growing global demand for organic produce, we developed our own Organic Standard.


We are passionate about organics and are dedicated to supporting Aotearoa’s organic producers to achieve market access and share their products with the world.

Our commitment to organics

As Kaitiaki Kai, guardians of food, we never take our shared role for granted. We have a deep responsibility to do the right thing for food and the environments it comes from. Collaborating, sharing knowledge, resources and skills so that everyone benefits – not just in the immediate future, but for generations to come.


Our nationwide team of experts have a personal sense of commitment and connection to the sector and with 135 years combined experience, they have unparalleled knowledge of organics. As part of our commitment to the organic sector, we have expanded our team, engaging three new organic assessors and a dedicated Technical Manager to support our operators.


Our MyOrganics online system was launched last year which provides organic producers with an easy way to access and manage their Organic Management Plans.


An AsureQuality Organic Certification can enable market access to both regulated and non-regulated export markets and provide confidence to consumers that the product they are buying has been produced according to organic principles.