Almighty Organic Juice

Who we are 

Almighty was a reaction to the difficulties of being able to consistently make organic cold pressed juice on a small scale (out the back of a cafe) - our goal was, and still is, to make organics accessible; to providing yummy, healthy, organic products for everyone to drink and enjoy, year-round. We're solving that problem for 500+ quality cafes, restaurants, and grocers across New Zealand.

How we started 

We make delicious, certified organic, fruit and veggie juices here in New Zealand. We have 6 organic flavours, from the very familiar, like Orange & Apple, to a bit more exotic like Carrot, Orange & Turmeric, and Guava, Lime & Basil. We like using veggies because we should all be having more of them, especially our kids so they can grow up strong! All Almighty’s Carrots and Beets are grown in South Canterbury outside of Rakaia. Our bottles are made from recyclable glass, which we think is super important too.

Our commitment to organics 

Almighty's products support organic farmers by using only sustainably sourced organic fruit and veggies in our juices. In addition to our commitment to organic certification, we have an on-going investment in education of future generations of organic gardeners by donating time and a fixed portion of revenue to edible education in primary schools - teaching kids where food comes from! We want to grow a future of passionate organic gardeners and cooks.